Start Making More Sales Now

One of the best parts about working with small business owners is that first meeting when we get to sit down with you and learn about your business. One of the complaints we hear so often is that advertising on the Internet doesn't work for your particular business/industry. You're probably like 9 out of 10 owners with whom we work and have been burned by one of the cold, big firms who have too many customers to possibly help you, get to know your business or provide you with any kind of support.

After many years of working with our local clients we know how you've gotten burned and why technology can seem like a hindrance instead of an asset for your business. The big guys do a good job of getting people to go to your website, but that is the easy part. You see, anybody can drive traffic to your website; all you have to do is buy it. The skill is taking a prospect on your website and turning them into a paying customer.

The first place to start is your website itself. It may seem like our website,, is just another typical website, but we've built this with very specific design elements to get more people to contact us or watch our webinar. Here are 11 things to immediately improve your website's performance so that when you spend your hard-earned money to get people to your site, 15-30% more people will contact you.

#1 Market Callout
Your visitor needs to know they’re in the right place, so make sure you call out to them either directly (i.e. Attention: ______) or indirectly with recognizable images and vocabulary.
Our market is Small Business Owners in St. Louis, so we use a mix of imagery and text to convey that message:

#2 Easily Understood
If a visitor can’t figure out what you’re offering in 5 seconds or less, you’ll lose them. Our offer is to show you how you can make more sales in the next 48 hours:

#3 Compelling Headline/Sub-Headline
You need a clear, concise, benefit-rich headline that grabs your reader’s attention and tells them they’ve come to the right place. How many benefits can you count in the headline? 1) You are going to make more money 2) You are going to do it quickly 3) It's going to be easier because people are going to call you:

#4 Phone# In Upper Right Header
This seems like such a simple thing, but we've seen sites boost conversion rates by 10*15% just by making this change (by conversion rate, I mean the percentage of visitors to your website that contact you). BONUS: Make the phone# clickable so that your mobile phone users can call you with one click.

#5 Call To Action Above The Fold
Most of your visitors won’t scroll below the fold, so if you’re make an offer, give them a chance to take action without scrolling. Our CTA is to "Find Out More" and if you had to scroll down to see it, a considerably smaller percentage of visitors would not watch our webinar:

#6 Contrasting Button Color
There’s a lot of debate about button colors, but one constant is that the button color should contrast (NOT blend in) with the surrounding design elements. Our button is obvious, but still works with the dolor palette of the theme, so it's not obnoxious and screams, "Buy from us now!":

#7 Custom Button Text
“Submit” is not good enough. Test button text that gives a specific command or speaks to the end result (i.e. “Free Instant Access”):

#8 Social Proof
Social share icons, “As seen on” logos, testimonials, or referencing the number of downloads/ subscribers all let your visitors know they can trust you. One of our social proof components is to visually show people that we use the same system and strategies some of the most recognizable businesses on the planet use:

#9 Limited Navigation
Your website should not distract the visitor with the ability to navigate too many places. Visitors tend to get "click happy" and lose focus on why they went there in the first place. We only have three pages on our navigation menu because we want our visitors to watch our webinar. Our webinar pre-qualifies our prospects, gets them to contact us and drives our sales and growth, so we don't want to distract from that:

#10 Limited Form Fields
First off, you need to have a place to capture your visitors' information. Assuming you do, then don’t ask for information you don’t need! If you only plan to followup via email, just ask for name and email, at most. Again, we only ask for a name and email address in exchange for the free webinar that shows you exactly how to grow your business - seems fair, right?

#11 Mobile Optimized
For the love of your business, you have got to have a website that looks good on a laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile phone. As a local business owner, over 70% of searches for your industry are going to be done on a mobile device. If you have a dinosaur website, then you are absolutely wasting money getting people to your site. Here's what our site looks like on a mobile phone:

Just changing those few components on your website will make a tremendous difference when it comes to the number of people who contact you upon visiting your website. To find out how you can take your business to 6-figures per month and beyond, click the button below.