Keeping It Simple For Almost A Decade...

ryanSt. Louis Marketing Lab was created to serve one market - our local St. Louis small business owners. We have helped entrepreneurs and businesses from start-ups to 9-figure annual revenue companies grow by using the simplest, most efficient marketing system. We call it the Simple Business Blueprint.

There is an 800 yr-old problem-solving principle called Occam's Razor that basically states that the simplest answer is usually the correct one. Marketing and business building is no different. If you turn on the switch when you walk into your kitchen and the light doesn't go on, it's most likely a burnt out bulb, not a complex electrical issue.

When it comes to marketing and business growth, the answers are equally simple. If your message is getting in front of a lot of people, but nobody is buying...your message is wrong.

Conversely, if you are closing sales like it's going out of style, but aren't making money, then the answer is that not enough people are seeing your message.

The Internet has created a huge opportunity for very quick business growth, but it has also created a lot of opportunities for confusion and people selling BS magic bullets. There are proven strategies to grow a business that much smarter people than us created. We stick to the simple principles, then use technology to do the work for us.

If you want a complex marketing strategy, then good luck. But, if you want a simple, easy to implement and maintain machine, then we may be able to help.

-Ryan McMullen, Founder of St. Louis Marketing Lab